Kanji/Nihongo study: The song “hitotsu=unmei kyoudoutai” 2

The continuation of the Kanji Translation of Hitotsu=Unmei Kyoudotai. (second stanza included)

あなたのてた (anatano yume o miteta)
しそうなた (sabishisou namida o mita)
いつのにか あたしはあなたになり (itsunomanika atashiwa anata ni nari)
してる(onaji namida o nagashiteru)

And now the breakdown of 2nd Stanza



akirame no kaze no naka de  (In the wind of giving up )


futari wa hitotsu ni naru(We,Two become one)

どんなも り しみさえも

donna namida mo ikari nikushimi sae mo(All tears, anger, even hate,)


onaji tsuyosa de kanjiteru

(We feel the same)

Actually I had some difficulties translating this. It’s because my reference website translated this stanza all wrong. I knew it because I understand some lines and it really doesn’t match. I confirmed it when i noticed that the chorus and this stanza has the same exact meaning. Of course, I doubted it. So I tried translating this on my own with the help of google translator. 

Honestly my original translation was this.


Giving up in the wind

Two persons become one

The tears, anger and even hatred

We feel the same temperature.

Good thing I have a Japanese Friend who could make it better for me. I’m really thankful!.

So for now, the brEAKDOWN OF new Kanji and vocabulary learned

1.め (akira-me —-giving up, resignation,)

2.風 (kaze—wind)


4.涙 (namida —tears)

5.り(ikari —-anger)

   other readings..ド; ヌ; いかる; おこる


other readings..ゾウ; にくむ; にくい; にくらしい; にくしみ

7.じ (onaji—same)

8.度(tsuyosa—degree of warm, temperature)

9.じてる(kanjiteru —feel)

That’s it. And to hear the song …


If you feel my translation is strong feel free to message me.If you want to hear the song, just search Ultra Maniac ending song in youtube.


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