Nihongo Grammar List Part 1

I’m brushing up my grammar list because I’m slowly forgetting them. I hope this could help others too! Or if you could add something to this grammar list, please send me a message. I would ve very pleased to hear that.

Meaning:is, are,am (to be)


Watashi wa gakusei desu
I am a student


too, also as well


Watashi wa nihonjin desu – I am a Japanese person
Anata mo nihonjin desu – You are Japanese,too
Meaning: goal of movement, to (place, etc)

Watashi wa Nihon ni ikimasu
I will go to Japan

Meaning-time reference, at on in (time)

1 ji ni nemasu
I sleep at 1 o’clock
Nichiyou bi ni kyoto ni ikimasu
I will go to Kyoto on Sunday


Meaning:indicates direct objects, object maker

Watashi wa sushi o tabemasu
I eat sushi

Watashi wa TV o mimasu
I watch TV


That’s the first five. I’ll post the continuation in queue.


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