Nihongo Grammar List Part 2

List from 6 -10!

Part 1: http://out—


masen ka

Meaning:stem +ませんか is used to invite someone to do it. Won’t you – , How about – , Wouldn’t you –

Issho ni tabemasen ka? – Won’t you eat with me?
Date shimasen ka? – Won’t you go on a date?


7.は wa

Meaning:Topic maker, As for – , about

Kyou wa , Tokyo ni ikimasu – As for today, I will go to Tokyo.
Watash no senmon wa nihongo desu – As fo my major, It is Japanese


8.てください—te kudasai

Meaning: Te form + kusasai – to make polite request to another person, Please do


Yonde kudasai – Please read
Tatte – kudasai – Please stand up
Okite kudasai – Please wake up

9.てもいいです—te mo ii desu

Meaning:Te-form + mo ii desu means, You can do… or You may do… describe an activity that is permitted.


(to your kids) TV o mite mo ii desu – You can watch TV (permisson)

Note: te mo ii desu ka . means, May I or Can I do something( asking permisson)


10.てはいけません —-te wa ikemasen

Meaning Te-form + wa ikemasen means, to give someone permission to do something.You can’t do…


Class de nete wa ikemasen – In the class, You can’t sleep

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