Hai! Ganbarimasu!


One day,I was browsing with Wikipedia about random things I could think of when I came across a wiki about Doraemon., one of my favorite anime. I was never able to watch the episode where he came to Nobita’s life so its good to see this comic strip. And to my delight, it’s not translated so I decided to do it on my own. But the last two panels confused me very much so I seek the help of @MaggieSensei who willingly do it for me. I learned something new out of this activity.I was inspired to do this again next time.



Doraemon: ぼくだけど -Boku dakedo-It’s only me though
                  気にさわったかしら-Ki ni sawatta kashira-Am I bothering you? ( I originally translated this as  Do you want to touch me? Ha! Very wrong!)


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