I Passed 2013 JLPT N5

I Passed 2014 JLPT N5

I just thought that this is worth sharing. I created this blog to document my journey in learning Nihongo. If you read about my “About Page”, you will know it became not easy for me. I will post it here in this entry since I might change it.

(My Original About Page)

Hi! i’m Meari, that’s not my exact name. My goal this year is to pass JLPT N5 exam this coming December. Hopefully I’ll pass. Honestly, there’s a tragic story behind this exam. I actually took it last December 2012. I didn’t fail it. I was disqualified to take the exam. All because of a rule that I didn’t follow, I didn’t turn off my cellphone. Yeah, i’m stupid. I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t know what’s the matter with me. Maybe because of lack of sleep due to a nocturnal job. It just happened. I was happy shading answers, my phone rang and I was kicked out of the room. I was deeply discouraged. I honestly think of not pursuing it anymore.

But then I still love Anime, Jpop, RAMEN, Eigasai and Japan toy cameras. It’s still my dream to go to Japan and meet Kenichi Matsuyama(He’s married hu hu hu) and Satoshi Tsumabuki . I also want to land a job as a translator. So I decided to pull myself together and pursue it once again. I will be wiser this this December.


And yes! I took the exam last December 2013 and the result came out last January 30. And yes, I passed! Now I am ready to learn Nihongo in whole new level. I am going to enroll for Intermediate Japanese in a national university. So I guess, I have new mission this year! JLPT N4, you got to be ready for me!


4 thoughts on “I Passed 2013 JLPT N5

  1. wow I just stumbled across your blog entry and I can relate to you VERY well @3@ I just took the JLPT N5 exam for 2014 today..and I was disqualified for not switching off my phone .. ^^” As for now I’m really discouraged to continue learning Japanese due to my stressful life as a pharmacy student but reading your post and realizing that I’m not the only clumsy airhead that forgot to switch off her phone kinda made me feel better. Maybe I’m gonna try again next year. Ganbarimashou~ ❤

    • Noe i have someone i can talk to about this miserable experience. Try again next year. This year, unfortunately, I was not able to take the n4 exam because of some reasons and I’m hoping for refund.

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