Hi! i’m Meari, that’s not my exact name. My goal this year is to pass JLPT N5 exam this coming December. Hopefully I’ll pass. Honestly, there’s a tragic story behind this exam. I actually took it last December 2012. I didn’t fail it. I was disqualified to take the exam. All because of a rule that I didn’t follow, I didn’t turn off my cellphone. Yeah, i’m stupid. I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t know what’s the matter with me. Maybe because of lack of sleep due to a nocturnal job. It just happened. I was happy shading answers, my phone rang and I was kicked out of the room. I was deeply discouraged. I honestly think of not pursuing it anymore.

But then I still love Anime, Jpop, RAMEN, Eigasai and Japan toy cameras. It’s still my dream to go to Japan and meet Kenichi Matsuyama(He’s married hu hu hu) and Satoshi Tsumabuki . I also want to land a job as a translator. So I decided to pull myself together and pursue it once again. I will be wiser this this December.

Updates: I passed 2013 JLPT N5. I was thinking to overhaul my About Page because of this. But I decided not to and instead, add this little achievement. Now that I passed it, it’s about to change my mission. 2014 JLPT N4, get ready for me!


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