Use of ‘shi’ to Mention Many Reasons


A:とうして  まつやま さん が すき てす か。Why do you like Matsuyama?

B. さあ….まつやまさん な かわいし、けっこ だ し、 はんさむ  な おとこ  の ひと だ し。 uhmm..Because Matsuyama is cute,wonderful and a handsome man.

We use ‘shi’ or し  when we want to state many reasons consecutively. It is placed  after an adjective or the reason itself. For the example above ,

i-adjective ‘ Kawaii ‘ became ‘kawaishi’.  Replace last i with shi. Because he is cute.

na-adjective ‘kekko na’ became kekko da shi. Replace na with ‘da shi’. Because he s wonderful.

Also a  reason ending in desu, will result to desu becoming dashi. Like for the example above , ” hansamu na otoko no hito desu”  became ”hansamu na otoko no hito da shi” . Because he’s a handsome man.

i adjective — drop i, add shi
Na adjective — drop na, add da shi
Reason  desu — drop desu, add  da shi

How about you? Why do you like a certain person?