I’m researching about making bento and then I found this. I think this is a very good tutorial for starters like me.I look forward in doing this myself.


Meri Guresu Cooking Adventure 2:Sushi Party

Our Sushi Mentors. Megumi Kamimura-san and her father Masatsugu Kamimura-san.

They welcomed us in their humble abode to let us taste Japanese Cuisine.

Our ingredients, carrots,cabbage,ham,mango and my most favorite, white cheese.

White cheese really taste so creamy. It might look like a tofu but its really a cheese.

Another ingredient is the half cooked squid.

Introducing…The carrot monsters!

Here we made our own sushi. It’s very customizable. You can only choose the ingredients you like. But of course, nori paper and the rice are essentials.

This sushi is mine.There is so much white cheese in it. I think I’ll enjoy sushi even if it only contains white cheese. I don’t mind.

My friend made a very cute Sushi.

After putting all the ingredients, you got to roll the nori paper tightly and start eat it. Actually, all sushi should look like this.

But in reality, our sushi turned out to look like this.

It looks like my friend put too much ingredients that it didn’t fit it. He called it sandwich sushi. It’s the first ever sandwich sushi in the history.

 This one on the other hand is lumpiang sushi.

But we still enjoyed it nonetheless.

A monster came also that night to enjoy our unique sushi.

We’ll this looks like not a tutorial. There are many tutorials out there though.

Someday I would like to re-do this and share with my family at home. also, I would try harder next time to make a more decent sushi.

Part 3 of Meri Guresu’s Cooking Adventure would be about Okonomiyaki yaki, a very healthy food from Japan.