NIhongo Exercise: Translating Breaking Bad

One day I started watching Breaking Bad Season 1 and now I can’t stop. I’m now a new fan of this awesome series. It was about an overqualified chemistry teacher who , after being diagnosed with lung cancer, decided to be a meth cook so that he can leave a fortune for his family. So as I was searching fan arts and discussion forums for this show, I found this picture.


This is a panel from the “Breaking Bad” manga version. I grinned and said “Nihongo Exercise TimE!!!!

I couldn’t read some of the Kanji. I seeked help of MaggiSensei. Now I learned something new! How about you? Can you read it?

If not, here’s the answer.


Mr. White:待て、まだ終わっていない. Mate mada owatte inai. (Wait! It’s not over yet.)

Jesse:ここから脱出しないと!Koko kara dasshutsu shinaito! (We gotta get out of here!)


New Kanji! Unlocked with the help of jisho.org!

終る おわる to finish; to end; to close
脱出 だっしゅつ 1: escape; break-out;
2: prolapse; proptosis