Nihongo Grammar List Part 3

Nihongo Grammar Part 3: From 11-15

11.から kara

Meaning:Because (reason)


Ashita test desu kara benkyo shimasu – I will study because there will be a test tommorow

12.ている te iru


an action in progress, verbs that described continuous, activity that last for some time, state, changes that are more or less instantaneous, everyday exercise


Ken wa benkyo shite imasu – Ken is studying(right now)

Watashi wa nigongo o oshiete imasu- I teach Japanese(everyday excise) or I am teaching Japanese(now)

kanajo wa kekko shite imasu- She is married

13.にいく ni iku

Meaning:Verb stem + ni iku means ” Go to verb”


Tabe ni iku – go to eat
Nomi ni iku – go to drink



14.ないでください naide kudasai

Meaning:To request that someone refrain from doing something

Negative stem + naide kudasai – Please do not …

hanasanaide kudasai – Please do not speak
nenaide kudasai – please do not sleep


15.のがすきです noga suki desu

Meaning:I like to verb.
Verb dictionary from + noga suki desu


Watashi wa utau noga suki desu – I like to sing

Kanojo wa tennis o suru no ga suki desu – She likes to play tennis

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Nihongo Grammar List Part 2

List from 6 -10!

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masen ka

Meaning:stem +ませんか is used to invite someone to do it. Won’t you – , How about – , Wouldn’t you –

Issho ni tabemasen ka? – Won’t you eat with me?
Date shimasen ka? – Won’t you go on a date?


7.は wa

Meaning:Topic maker, As for – , about

Kyou wa , Tokyo ni ikimasu – As for today, I will go to Tokyo.
Watash no senmon wa nihongo desu – As fo my major, It is Japanese


8.てください—te kudasai

Meaning: Te form + kusasai – to make polite request to another person, Please do


Yonde kudasai – Please read
Tatte – kudasai – Please stand up
Okite kudasai – Please wake up

9.てもいいです—te mo ii desu

Meaning:Te-form + mo ii desu means, You can do… or You may do… describe an activity that is permitted.


(to your kids) TV o mite mo ii desu – You can watch TV (permisson)

Note: te mo ii desu ka . means, May I or Can I do something( asking permisson)


10.てはいけません —-te wa ikemasen

Meaning Te-form + wa ikemasen means, to give someone permission to do something.You can’t do…


Class de nete wa ikemasen – In the class, You can’t sleep

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Nihongo Grammar List Part 1

I’m brushing up my grammar list because I’m slowly forgetting them. I hope this could help others too! Or if you could add something to this grammar list, please send me a message. I would ve very pleased to hear that.

Meaning:is, are,am (to be)


Watashi wa gakusei desu
I am a student


too, also as well


Watashi wa nihonjin desu – I am a Japanese person
Anata mo nihonjin desu – You are Japanese,too

Meaning: goal of movement, to (place, etc)

Watashi wa Nihon ni ikimasu
I will go to Japan


Meaning-time reference, at on in (time)

1 ji ni nemasu
I sleep at 1 o’clock
Nichiyou bi ni kyoto ni ikimasu
I will go to Kyoto on Sunday


Meaning:indicates direct objects, object maker

Watashi wa sushi o tabemasu
I eat sushi

Watashi wa TV o mimasu
I watch TV


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