I Wrote My Friends’ Name in Katakana

I am looking for ways to have fun with Katakana so I decided to translate names of my friends. I wrote them in a blank page of my diary. I super enjoyed it!  I recommend to other Nihongo students to do this as well.


I researched online translator to find out if these are right. (http://www.sljfaq.org/cgi/e2k.cgi for example)  Well, I really can’t agree for some results that I found so I stick with how the syllables sound. if you feel that my katakana is not correct, please comment your answers.

I also wrote the katakana counterpart of my favorite Hollywood actor. I’m in love with this guy and i won’t last a day without ogling at least one picture of him. I really think and wrote it with care. Can you guess who is he?

In case you can’t understand my handwriting, this is what I wrote: リーオナードディカップリーオー



Going Back to the Basic



Now that I acquired my test voucher for JLPT this December 1, it’s time for this blog to be active again.  I need to go to the basic as tedious as it can be. Here I started writing Hiragana and Katakana again. I’m glad that I still remember most of it.

Tomorrow, I will brush up to numbers and counters! I can do this!



Hi everyone its been a long while since I posted something Japanese. And for the comeback, here’s my old photo of my very first calligraphy experience. The two white papers contains the same kanji but of course, the handwriting were different. I was the one who wrote the Kanji on the left (the one that looks like a joke), the other one was done by our calligraphy mentor on that day.

This kanji is 土曜日, in romaji it read doyoubi. It means “Saturday” in English. I chose to write Saturday’s Kanji because my surname is “Sabado” which exactly means “Saturday”. So no doubt it was the right Kanji for my name. On the other hand, the small characters were the Katakana counterpart of Mary Grace which is my first name. It reads “Meri Guresu” there. But while studying Japanese, the right katakana for mary should read “MEARI” or メアリー. Grace has an exact kanji which is 恵み. So my whole name in Japanese should be メアリー恵み 土曜日.I’ll write this in calligraphy paper some other time.

I think I should post more pictures of our calligraphy session! I will do that later.