NIhongo Exercise: Translating Breaking Bad

One day I started watching Breaking Bad Season 1 and now I can’t stop. I’m now a new fan of this awesome series. It was about an overqualified chemistry teacher who , after being diagnosed with lung cancer, decided to be a meth cook so that he can leave a fortune for his family. So as I was searching fan arts and discussion forums for this show, I found this picture.


This is a panel from the “Breaking Bad” manga version. I grinned and said “Nihongo Exercise TimE!!!!

I couldn’t read some of the Kanji. I seeked help of MaggiSensei. Now I learned something new! How about you? Can you read it?

If not, here’s the answer.


Mr. White:待て、まだ終わっていない. Mate mada owatte inai. (Wait! It’s not over yet.)

Jesse:ここから脱出しないと!Koko kara dasshutsu shinaito! (We gotta get out of here!)


New Kanji! Unlocked with the help of jisho.org!

終る おわる to finish; to end; to close
脱出 だっしゅつ 1: escape; break-out;
2: prolapse; proptosis


One day,I was browsing with Wikipedia about random things I could think of when I came across a wiki about Doraemon., one of my favorite anime. I was never able to watch the episode where he came to Nobita’s life so its good to see this comic strip. And to my delight, it’s not translated so I decided to do it on my own. But the last two panels confused me very much so I seek the help of @MaggieSensei who willingly do it for me. I learned something new out of this activity.I was inspired to do this again next time.



Doraemon: ぼくだけど -Boku dakedo-It’s only me though
                  気にさわったかしら-Ki ni sawatta kashira-Am I bothering you? ( I originally translated this as  Do you want to touch me? Ha! Very wrong!)

Nobita:  Waaaa!



Nobita: だ—だれ だ!? -da dareda!?—Who are you!?

             どこからきたんだ —doko kara kitan da—Where are you from?

             なに しに —nani shi ni—What did you come here for??

(The following was translated by @MaggieSensei because I was completely lost with the Kanji. Thank you very much@MaggieSensei! If you want to learn Nihongo, just follow her at twitter. You’ll never go wrong. Her dog is a sensei too!) 



Nobita:ど、どうしてこんなところから —Do, doushite konna tokoro kara –-How could it be possible to come out from this kind of place?

Doraemon:-いっぺんに聞かれても困るな- Ippen ni kikareru temo komaru na.—
You are asking too many questions.



Doraemon:そんなことどうでもいいじゃない— Sonnakoto doudemo iijanai – Forget about that / It is not a big deal/

Doraemon:ぼくはきみをおそろしい運命からすくいにきた = Boku wa kimi wo osoroshii unmei kara sukui ni kita = I came here to save you from your dreadful future



●気に障る= kinisawaru is an idiom and it doesn’t mean “to touch something/someone”
It means = to get annoyed, to get someone’s nerve

●いっぺんに = ippenni = all at once
●聞かれる= kikareru = passive form of 聞く= kiku = ask (questions)
●困る= komaru = to be in trouble (It implies Doraemon is puzzled or overwhelmed with all the questions.)
●運命=unmei = destiny, future, fate
●救う= すくう= sukuu = to save
●すくいにきた= came to save

/p#13; br /

●すくいにきた= came to save


Real Life Anime

The following people I am going to feature were not all cosplayers. I found them in the internet because they have become internet celebrities because of their anime-ish looks and features. Their most common denominator: white blemish free skin, pointed nose, BIG EYES, thin small lips,small face, v-shape chin and slim sexy body.

If you know someone whom you feel is so deserving to be included in this list, please suggest or submit.

Here We Go!

1. Allodia Gosiengfiao from The Philippines

From Facebook page:

Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao is a Filipina cosplayer. She’s very popular now as she is appearing in popular shows and commercials.I have nothing much to say. I mean look the pictures. She successfully achieved that anime’ish look.

Oh my so hot!

2. Park Tae Jun from South Korea.

He’s the only guy in my current list. He’s a model and was hailed as “ullzang” in south Korea. Many said that his face is cartoon like.Personally, what make him look anime-ish is the shape of his face. It is wide in the middle and somewhat pointed up to the chin just like how anime is commonly drawn. His hairstyle is also a plus,very messy but cute. It’s very rare for an ordinary guy to achieve this look.

That slim body is really bishounen like.

3. Renee-Yun,Doll-Like Internet Celebrity from HongKong

From what I read, she is 18 years old, 168cm and 42kg as stated in her profile in weibo. i encountered here in this Serafina’s blog.


When I saw her,I instantly thought she came out from Final Fantasy movie.

4. Koko from China

Koko (王尔可) Anime Girl in Real Life?
 By Serafina Ling :  http://serafinaling.blogspot.com/2011/07/koko-anime-girl-in-real-life.html

Qouted from Serafina Ling’s blog:
Again, I read about this girl in a Chinese forum. Her name is Koko. She became famous recently because of her unnaturally huge round eyes. People talked a lot about her eyes. They said it’s possible that her eyes are fake and was PS-ed. But the most possible explanation is that her makeup skill is very good. Besides Koko’s eyes, her pointed chin is also controversial. It’s too “sharp”. Her skinny body is making her even more like an Anime character. When I first saw her, I thought she is a doll. After I watched her video, I was shocked that she is REAL. She is from Kang Zhou. Her height is 167cm and her weight is 43kg. She is 18 years old.

Honestly, she looks kinda scary. How about you? What do you think?

A lot of people think she looks so anime-ish but in a creepy way.

That sums up my Real Life Anime List. Again if you have any personalities or a even a friend who looks like anime’, please suggest or submit any of her pictures.