Short Quiz: Japanese Numbers and Counters

I finished reviewing the Japanese numbers and different counters. There are really many of them! To make sure that these counters would stick with me, I created a short quiz for myself. After a long time, I would answer them again. You can answer it too as a practice!

Instruction: Fill in the tables according to what is asked in the column header. A bonus answer is given in the first item. Click the picture to enlarge it.


The key to correction is here. if you find any mistake, please put in the comment section.


For you reference: go to this learn-japanese-adventure site. They summed up this lesson pretty well!


2012 nen no Saisho no Asa


(The First Morning of Year 2012)

It’s January 1,2012. Inspite of lack sleep because of New Year celebration, I had to get up for my work at Ayala, Makati City. That Sunday morning, the streets was a very visual treat. I can’t help to take pictures while still riding on a jeepney. The streets were covered with the mix of fogs and smoke. It’s almost empty,barely no people and cars were around. The most beautiful was the sun. It was blazing red. I saw few people around Makati stopped to also take pictures of it. In addition to that, it was silent and the air was so cold. The street instantly felt like a I was in a “Silent Hill”. Too bad, I don’t have high end camera to capture all of this but still I think I did just fine.

2012年の最初の朝. 年 nen or toshi is a very popular Kanji which means year. It is frequently used Kanji so I think it’s really hard to forget when you’re studying Nihongo. 最初 or Saisho  means beginning,start,first.  朝 or asa means morning.