Grammar Review 25: tara,temo Expressing of Possibilities


This is a screenshot of opening of chapter 25 of Shin Nihongo No Kiso I book. This is done just for the short recap of what I learned in this chapter.)

1. Ame ga futtara,ikimasen. if it rains, I will not go.

Syntax: ta-form verb +tara,consequences

Usage: The use of tara translates to “if” in english, only it is used in the end of the clause or condition. Like for this example “Ame ga futtara” directly translates to “rain falls if” if the sequence is to considered. The consequence is then express after. “I will not go”

2. Ame ga futtemo, ikimasu. Even if the rain falls, I will still go.

Syntax: te-form verb+mo, consequence

Usage: The use of “te+form verb + mo” here is to express “Even if” but also located at the end of the conditional clause. So for this example, if you translate it literally, “rain falls even if”. No matter what happens, even if it rain, he still would like to go. This is expressing extreme determination.