One day,I was browsing with Wikipedia about random things I could think of when I came across a wiki about Doraemon., one of my favorite anime. I was never able to watch the episode where he came to Nobita’s life so its good to see this comic strip. And to my delight, it’s not translated so I decided to do it on my own. But the last two panels confused me very much so I seek the help of @MaggieSensei who willingly do it for me. I learned something new out of this activity.I was inspired to do this again next time.



Doraemon: ぼくだけど -Boku dakedo-It’s only me though
                  気にさわったかしら-Ki ni sawatta kashira-Am I bothering you? ( I originally translated this as  Do you want to touch me? Ha! Very wrong!)

Nobita:  Waaaa!



Nobita: だ—だれ だ!? -da dareda!?—Who are you!?

             どこからきたんだ —doko kara kitan da—Where are you from?

             なに しに —nani shi ni—What did you come here for??

(The following was translated by @MaggieSensei because I was completely lost with the Kanji. Thank you very much@MaggieSensei! If you want to learn Nihongo, just follow her at twitter. You’ll never go wrong. Her dog is a sensei too!) 



Nobita:ど、どうしてこんなところから —Do, doushite konna tokoro kara –-How could it be possible to come out from this kind of place?

Doraemon:-いっぺんに聞かれても困るな- Ippen ni kikareru temo komaru na.—
You are asking too many questions.



Doraemon:そんなことどうでもいいじゃない— Sonnakoto doudemo iijanai – Forget about that / It is not a big deal/

Doraemon:ぼくはきみをおそろしい運命からすくいにきた = Boku wa kimi wo osoroshii unmei kara sukui ni kita = I came here to save you from your dreadful future



●気に障る= kinisawaru is an idiom and it doesn’t mean “to touch something/someone”
It means = to get annoyed, to get someone’s nerve

●いっぺんに = ippenni = all at once
●聞かれる= kikareru = passive form of 聞く= kiku = ask (questions)
●困る= komaru = to be in trouble (It implies Doraemon is puzzled or overwhelmed with all the questions.)
●運命=unmei = destiny, future, fate
●救う= すくう= sukuu = to save
●すくいにきた= came to save

/p#13; br /

●すくいにきた= came to save


One-Half Chorus from Ruruoni Kenshin

I really love this song and my favorite part is the chorus. The melody is just awesome. That’s why I decided to make a special translation post for this as part of my nihongo study.


kuchibiru to kuchibiru me to me to te to te
kami-sama wa nanimo kinshi nanka shitenai
aishite’ru aishite’ru aishite’ru

kuchibiru to kuchibiru (lips to lips)

Me to Me (eyes to eyes)

Te to Te (Hands to hands)

kami-sama wa nanimo kinshi nanka shitenai (God doesn’t forbid anything at all)

aishite’ru aishite’ru aishite’ru ( I Love You! I love You! I Love You!)


kuchibiru to kuchibiru me to me to te to te
kami-sama wa nanimo kinshi nanka shitenai
aishite’ru aishite’ru aishite’ru